Scientific Python

A customized course for the Austrian Geophysical Society

The herein proposed Python workshop focuses on a sound understanding of core libraries, intermediate language features as well as best practises. The course aims to provide participants with tools and techniques to concisely express their ideas in code and achieve their scientific objectives by means of idiomatic Python.

The course is divided into individual, mostly independent units. After introducing relevant background information and concepts, usage examples as well as exercises (to be solved during the course) help to gain hands on coding experience.

Course notes are provided in digital form, the exercises are self consistent and solutions will be provided.

Suggested course content:

Day 1
•    General Introduction
o    About Python
o    About Scientific Python
•    Scientific Python
o    Numerical Computing with NumPy
o    Data Manipulation and Analysis with pandas
o    Plotting with matplotlib

Day 2
•    Advanced Python
o    Code Styles and Conventions
o    Functions, Classes & OOP
o    Selected Advanced Features
o    Example Problem: Geophysical Application (upon request/participant input)

In order to be able to fine tune the course content to your needs please fill out the following form.

Location: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Giefinggasse 4, 1210 Wien

Course fee:

1 day (12 or 13 Nov 2018)
For AGS-members: € 300
For non-members: € 350

2 days (12 and 13 Nov 2018)
For AGS-members: € 450
For non-members: € 500

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